"...There are evil men in the world, truly evil men. Sometimes we hear of them, but more often they work in absolute darkness."

- Stephen King, "Salem's Lot"


Most Atlantean Houses consider the Draconis to be monsters; cruel and unforgiving sorcerers with little love, even for their own house. Within House Draconis, the Family Dracul had a similar reputation. While most of House Draconis valued talent in Sorcery, it was the Family Dracul whom valued skill with blade and tongue. The most feared revered of the cruel and vicious were invited to marry into the Dracul.
In the earliest days of their seclusion in Dacia, the Draconis required a public sect to keep outsiders out of their affairs and allow them to concentrate on their experiments in Sorcery. Having been one of the first to receive the Dark Gift from his good friend Lord Draco, Alexi Dracul pledged his Family’s service to the House Draconis so its endeavors into arcane could remain undisturbed.
The Family Dracul proudly stood as the vanguard of the House Draconis for many centuries. When you dealt with an emissary of the Draconis, they were most often of the Family Dracul. When the Draconis required armed defense or a deft assassin, it was the Family Dracul who was first looked to in upholding the will of the Draconis and Lord Draco. If a member of House Draconis had become a liability, the Family Dracul was usually best suited to handle the matter. Combining sword and Sorcery, the members of the Family Dracul were as feared on the battlefield as they were at the negotiation tables.  Even among their own House the Family Dracul were feared and revered for their ruthless and effective methods.
It is said that Lord Draco considered Alexi Dracul an invaluable aide, as well as his only true friend. When Lord Draco was present it was almost certain that you would find Alexi Dracul somewhere nearby. It is likely Alexi aided Lord Draco in the development of many rituals, including the rituals for the Praetorian gladius and the procurement of the ritual of the Immortal Soul. It has been said that Draco has only called one person “brother” in his existence; for all others he would use their given name.
As any sorcerer can tell you, the arcane arts come with a high risk to oneself. This risk is greatest when dealing with the unknown. It was rumored that Lord Draco and Alexi were working on the secret of the Lemurian Sayahid when a terrible accident occurred. A wall of the fortified tower in which Lord Draco and Alexi worked ruptured outward with a great explosion. Alexi was seen trying to destroy everything in sight, including his friend Lord Draco. Witnesses claim that Lord Draco was forced to kill Alexi to save himself.
Lord Draco was infinitely crushed. It is said that he did not speak to anyone for over a century, preferring seclusion in the ruined tower. Lord Draco’s sudden re-emergence from seclusion came as a shock when Lord Draco introduced his son Alexi Dragosee to the rest of House Draconis.  He had young Alexi with him wherever he went, pointing out the finer points of the Draconis and the Imperium. Often he would speak proudly of Alexi to others, saying that Alexi could be the first Draconis to rule the Imperium. In private, it was rumored that Lord Draco taught young Alexi to be ruthless and to be intolerant of weakness. In time Alexi gained Lord Draco’s favor and earned the right to have immortality bestowed upon him.
Alexi was left alone to deal with more and more of the affairs of House Draconis, until Lord Draco was no longer seen in the affairs of the Draconis. Alexi, now free to do with the Draconis as he saw fit, began to replace key positions in the Draconis with people loyal to him. The one power in the Draconis that most stood in his way were those of the Family Dracul. Trusted advisors and leaders of the Family Dracul were slowly replaced or killed off. Dracul defenders were sent against impossible odds. Dracul sorcerers were prevented from advancing farther in the arts than those closest to Alexi.  Many believed he was exacting revenge for Lord Draco.  Others believed Alexi was simply removing his greatest threat.
Radu Dracula, son of Alexi Dracul, was left to care for the Family Dracul when his father met his unfortunate accident. He watched Alexi’s oppression of the Dracul for several centuries. It was one night in the 16th century when Radu learned of a decree to begin assassinating key members of the Family Dracul. He had decided that it was time for his family to escape before they were killed off.  Breaking into Draco’s tower, Radu took with him a great repository of Draconis rituals and knowledge.  He then razed the tower and escaped, sending word to all of his family to go into hiding.  He found a trusted person of another family to deliver a letter to Alexi in the morning, stating simply that “The Family Dracul is no longer of the Draconis.”
For over a century the Draconis hunted the Dracul.  Great bloody conflicts raged across Eastern Europe.  Any Dracul found to be in a Draconis controlled dominion were hunted down.  No House in the Imperium dared to assist the Dracul for fear of retribution from the rest of House Draconis.  It was in 1836 that the Family Dracul petitioned the reigning Empress Andrea to become a House.  Some say that Radu promised the Empress the secrets of Sorcery to gain entrance into the Imperium, but in the end, House Dracul was born. It is quite ironic that only fourteen years after Empress Andrea DeLyones granted Lord Radu Dracula his request, she would end up stepping down for reasons unknown.
Soon after the Dracul gained their status as a House of the Imperium, rumors of Lord Draco’s rage over the betrayal was confirmed.  The Curse of Draco, as it came to be known, made all members of the House Dracul unable to stand in the light of the moon.  But instead of deterring the Dracul, this curse merely strengthened their resolve. With the status of a House, the Draconis could no longer openly hunt the Dracul.
House Dracul is one of the most well connected Houses in the entire Imperium to all things that would be labeled "occult". Members of this House can be found on virtually every know continent on the Earth, and House Dracul is by far one of the wealthiest Houses there is.


Creating New Families

For Actors that wish to create their own Families within House Dracul, these are the default Advantages and Disadvantages that the Personas must take:

The House Dracul has acquired a vast amount of wealth over the centuries, and because of this each, members of this House gains can purchase the Advantage: Sorcerer for 5 Study Points, Human Sway, and 1 Rank of Wealth


Infamous: Atlantean Society and The Curse

Because of the Curse of the Draco; of House Draconis, all members from House Dracul suffer from this horrifying extreme allergy to moonlight; to the point that it causes them physical harm when their bare skin is exposed to the direct or indirect light of the moon. Only during the New Moon can these Personas go out at not without fear of its burning light. This Disadvantage all Faux Blooded, True Blooded and Lilans of House Dracul.

The Curse

For the Faux and True Blooded: During the partial phases of the moon, for every round that a Persona is exposed to the moonlight; they take a Rank of Stun Damage. During the three days of the Full Moon, Personas take a Rank of Wound Damage for every round that they are exposed to the moonlight.

For Lilans: During the partial phases of the moon, for every round that a Persona is exposed to the moonlight; they take a Rank of Wound Damage. During the three days of the Full Moon, Personas take a 2 Ranks of Wound Damage for every round that they are exposed to the moonlight.

The only way that members of  Dracul can go out during times of the of the full or partial moon is through wearing heavy clothing; at least 2 layers that cover all areas of exposed flesh.

Notable Figures within House Dracul

Radu Dracula - Founder of House Dracul, Antiquarian
Prince Vladimir Dracul - High Patriarch, Antiquarian
Nicholas Dracul - Prefect of Russia
Uri Dracul - , Magistrate of Cincinnati, Antiquarian
Stephen Dracul
Honoria Dracul - Antiquarian
Fiala Drakul
Victor Dracul
Eva Drakul - Lady of the Court of Roses
Seat of Power: Tirgoviste, Romania

Families of House Dracul

Tepes Family
Advantages Sway: Human Society, 1 Rank in Servitor, 1 Rank of Wealth and may purchase the Advantage: Sorcerer for 5 Study points
Disadvantages Infamous: Atlantean Society and The Curse of Draco


The Tepes Family are the leaders within House Dracul, even today the Tepes family is ruled by Lord Radu Tepes Dracula. Through intermarriage with the other Houses, Radu has been able to establish a stable number of True Bloods within his own family, in part to ensure House Dracul’s legitimacy as one of the ruling Houses of the Second Atlantean Empire.
Radu is of True Blooded Atlantean descent. But due to the years of fighting with House Draconis, following the Family Tepes’ exodus from their parent House, the number of True Blooded Atlanteans within this House and Family are few in numbers. For the last 200 hundred years, ensuring the continuation of the True Blooded bloodlines within this House has been paramount.  Over the last 100 years both Houses Ramius and Thalus have wed a handful of their daughters to the few True Blooded heirs of House Dracul, helping to continue the House through its infusion of fresh genetic contributors.
Members of the Tepes Family are charming, inquisitive, intelligent, and ruthless. And to maker matters worse, they are being taught this pattern of behavior of a very young age. House Draculs war with House Draconis has left its rulers bitter and resentful of the advantages that other Houses have, sometimes to the point initiating unrest among the other House if only to make the local Draconis suffer. Rarely do the Houses that they are manipulating realize that they have been played; most if not all tend to place their blame on the doorstep of House Draconis. The Dracul tend to get a quiet chuckle from this irony.
The Curse that Lord Draco of House Draconis placed on House Dracul affects all of its members, even those that married into it from other Houses. As such, many Houses are reluctant to wed one of their daughters to a Dracul heir, especially knowing that their daughter will be Cursed upon entering her new House. Because of this, the number of marriages between House Dracul and the other four Houses of the Imperium tend to be infrequent.
It is said that the Sorcerers of House Dracul are some of the finest and most terrifying Sorcerers that walk and breathe. Due to this, and their extreme allergy to moonlight, members of House Dracul are typically left to their own end, and only approached when another House needs something specific from them.


Drakul Family
Advantages Sway: Human Society, 1 Rank in Imperium Renown, 1 Rank of Wealth and may purchase the Advantage: Sorcerer for 5 Study points
Disadvantages Infamous: Atlantean Society and The Curse of Draco


Only once has House Dracul married off one of its daughters to a member of another House; Eva Drakul also known as Eva Dracul Bishop . Eva was not very sorcery minded and cared little for the politics, but she did honestly love the True Blooded Atlantean to whom she was wed; Marcus Bishop of House Ramius.
That was in the beginning of winter in 1899. For reasons no one quite understands, Marcus was found murdered in their New York City home. No one ever claimed credit for it, but in the end the credit lay at the feet of House Draconis. It was much easier to believe that Eva had been married in to House Ramius to spy on them, and then killed her husband, than it was to believe that someone had murdered Marcus to drive a wedge between the alliance provided by the union House Dracul and House Ramius through Eva and Marcus. Only a month after her husbands death Eva gave birth to the first member of the Family Drakul; Maximillian Drakul.
Since those painful days at the end of the 19th century, Eva has made it her life goal to find the Draconis that were responsible for the murder of her husband and to make them pay with their lives. To this end, from 1900 onward; Eva made it her mission to learn the secrets of Sorcery that she had long scorned as dangerous and hateful. It will be those same dangerous and hateful secrets that made the Family Drakul a name to a held in fear and reverence.