"He has all the virtues I dislike, and none of the vices I admire.Ē

- Winston Churchill

From its earliest days, House Draconis has been known for its blood thirsty methods in deals with its Rivals. Itís Founder; Draco of Dacia was one of the few accomplished Atlantean Generals that was sent out to quell unrest among Provinces of the First Atlantean Empire. Only one hundred years before, Lord Draco had undergone the ritual of rebirth that confirmed him as a member of the Children of Lilith; a shunned order of Atlanteans that believed that the truly become powerful, one had to defy death itself. For a people that lived on average of 200 years, the Children of Lilith were believed to be a blasphemy against the natural order of the universe. Lord Draco saw membership in the Children of Lilith as a means to an end; and that end was power over this peers. Through the Children of Lilith Lord Draco learned the secrets of Sorcery. Many of his enemies and rivals met less than natural ends to their lives. It took the destruction of Atlantis itself to humble the Great Draco of Dacia.
After the fall of Atlantis, Draco and his Atlantean Legions quietly slipped into the background and let the once subjugated peoples of Dacia believe themselves to be free. The Dacians and the rest of the Ancient World quickly set to destroying all monuments that there left behind by their much fear oppressors; in their minds the Dacians and the rest of the Ancient World believed that to destroy all record of a people was to destroy the people in the Afterlife. In a way, this greatly helped those Atlanteans that survived the passing of their once great empire. It took close to 100 years for the people of Dacia to forget about the despised Atlantean Dragon Legion; under Draco. But in the end, Draco and his lieutenants quietly slipped back into their lives. Slowly Draco and his people began to retake control of the region and but the end of another 100 years, Draco was once again the undisputed leader of Dacia. It is better to rule from behind the curtain than it is to make oneself a target.
As a kingmaker, Draco simply backed each ruler in turn that came to the respective thrones of the region. When the Persians and Romans came and conquered the region, Draco simply changed whom he patronized and continued to rule from behind the scenes.
In 151 Common Era, emissaries sent by the Great Atlantean Lord; Ramius came to Draco with a proposition. Lord Ramius fully intended to reunite the disparate Atlanteans that were scattered throughout the Mediterranean; he meant to reform the surviving Houses and Families into a Second Atlantean Empire. Having fought Lord Ramius on the battlefield and lost, and knowing from his spies that Lord Ramius was annihilating all Atlantean families in Italia that would not follow him, Lord Draco choose to accept Ramiusí proposal. Why not, it is easier to be the kingmaker and rule from behind the curtain. And so House Draconis came into existence.
With Lord Draco backing him, Lord Ramius became the first Emperor of this Second Atlantean Empire; the Imperium Ex Atlantia. And through Emperor Ramius, Lord Draco learned what it was to hold all of the power in the world. Through manipulating the Romans, Emperor Ramius was able to force all of the Atlanteans in the Mediterranean under his control and into the Second Atlantean Empire.
It was Lord Draco himself that crafted the ritual that allowed for the creation of the Praetorian Gladius; a weapon that was lethal to Lilans. It was Lord Draco that recommended the formation of the Praetorian Order; a group of elite Lilan warriors that were charged with the protection of the Atlantean Emperor. In protecting Emperor Ramius and his rule, Lord Draco ensured his own power within the Empire. Lord Draco was the first Grand Master of the Praetorian Order.  Once the Praetorian Order of in place, Emperor Ramius ordered that only the Praetorian Order itself should have the knowledge of the crafting of the Praetorian Gladius, in making this proclamation, Emperor Ramius alienated Lord Draco. Being the leader of the Praetorian Order at the time, Lord Draco simply acquiesced and held back the knowledge of the ritual from members of his own House. Many years later when he was removed from the position of Grand Master of the Praetorian Order by Emperor Dominic, Lord Draco secretly took a copy of the ritual back to the cabals of his own House so that it could be finally added to their extension Libraries on the Occult and Sorcery.
One of the great ironies of House Draconis is that throughout its existence in prehistory, the House was forced to rely on the Dark Rebirth of becoming a Lilan to extent the lives of its prominent and not so prominent members. In 1357, House Draconis finally gained access to the Ritual of the Immortal Soul, the Ritual that is required for a living creature to become an immortal Lich. From that point forward, House Draconis had two options with which to extend the lives of its members. Even though becoming a Lich very much cut the tie to daytime limitations of the Lilans, the Dark Rebirth into the Lilan condition is still very much considered an honor for those members that are choosen for this dark gift.
When Radu Dracula and his followers rebelled against House Draconis in 1621, Lord Draco made it his goal to destroy them utterly. Radu Dracula had sent a servitor to Lord Draco expressing his intent to leave House Draconis and petition Empress Andrea DeLyones of House Lionnes for the right to become a House. From this point on, Lord Radu Dracula and all members of the Family Dracul went into hiding from the rest of House Draconis. But with both sides having access to Sorcery, it became a stalemate and the conflict lasted for over 200 years. This conflict between House Draconis and the Family Dracul was forced to an end when Empress Andrea gained enough support in the Antiquarians Guild to allow for the founding of the House Dracul. Not long after the founding of House Dracul, in 1850 Empress Andrea abdicated the Imperial throne. Some say that Lady Andrea was promised the secrets of Sorcery in return for her assistance in elevating the Dracul into their current position as a full House in the Imperium. Only Lady Andrea and Prince Radu know the truth.
As parting gift to the traitorous Dracul, Lord Draco cursed all within the House Dracul with a weakness to moonlight. In doing so, it ensured that the Dracul could never easily take part in the Summer Solstice ritual that is held every year to honor Lady Lilith, the creator of the Rebirth Ritual and the Lilans as a whole. To date, the Dracul are still looking for a way to break the curse.
With the abdication of Empress Andrea, this gave Lord Draco all the prompting he needed to help elevate Lord Priam of House Thalus to the position of Emperor. It took almost a year of making deals with House Draconisí allies and even some of their enemies within the Antiquarians Guild, in the end Priam ascended to the Imperial Throne. And through Emperor Priam, Lord Draco was once again the kingmaker that was guiding the Imperium from safely behind his curtain.
In modern times, most of the Houses despise dealing with the Atlanteans and Lilans of House Draconis. Due to their access to Sorcery, rarely does a House other than the Draconis come out on top in dealings with them. At best, the other Houses seek to break even and get whatever they came for.
Throughout the ages, House Draconis has always been the House that is turned to when others are in need of a Sorcerer. Much of this has been due in part to House Draconis spies finding out about a rival house gaining access to a human Sorcerer, and each time that human Sorcerer met a tragic end. All of this has been done to ensure that no other House holds the secrets of Sorcery for long if at all.
One of the most notable of House Draconisí families is the Family Bathory, due to the legends of its Blood Countess. In recent years, House Draconis has given this family the most autonomy of all of its families, except of course of the Family Dragosee, which is grooming one of its own; Alexei Dragosee to become the new Prince of the House in the hopes that some day he will be elevated to the position of Emperor.
To date, the greatest concentration of Draconis Atlanteans and Lilans can still be found in Eastern Europe.  But over the centuries, through their allies within other Houses the Draconis have made many inroads into the New World.


Creating New Families

For Actors that wish to create their own Families within House Draconis, these are the default Advantages and Disadvantages that the Personas must take:

The House Draconis has acquired a vast amount of wealth over the centuries, and because of this each, members of this House gains can purchase the Advantage: Sorcerer for 5 Study Points, Human Sway, and 1 Rank of Wealth


All Lilans of this House, in addition to normal Atlantean and Lilan weaknesses, take the Disadvantage: Notoriety, much in part due to their past dealings with rival Houses.


The Families of House Draconis

Archibold Advantages 1 Rank of Wealth, Advantage: Sorcerer for 5 Study Points, +1 to Intellect
Disadvantages Infamous: Atlantean Society, Enemy: Trulaine Family


The Archibold Family was founded by Frederick von Archibold in 927 CE; this family traditionally makes its home in Berlin Germany. This family has for centuries been the record keepers of House Draconis, tracking its bloodlines and extensive arcane libraries. In the 1700s, the von Archibold Family shortened its name to Archibold, and began expanding its holdings into the New World. In the Americas, the Archibold Family has made its home in the city of Chicago.


Dragosee Advantages 1 Rank of Wealth, Advantage: Sorcerer for 5 Study Points, 1 Rank of House Prestige
Disadvantages Infamous: Atlantean Society, Greed, Rival: Trulaine Family


The Dragosee Family was founded by Lord Draco, the founder of House Draconis. In comparison to the other families that make up House Draconis, the Dragosee family is the most ancient of all of the families.  As the story goes, originally the Dragosee family was the House of Dragosee during the time of the First Atlantean Empire. For reasons that no one today knows, Lord Draco choose to move he and his House into the Exarchates of the empire to rule over the lands once known as Dacia. By far, this family holds the most political power within House Draconis and without a doubt it can lay claim to the most True Blooded Atlanteans that live today. Recently, Alexei Dragosee, the son of Lord Draco was elevated to the exalted position of Prince of House Draconis; which means that should something happen to Emperor Priam, Prince Alexei will be able to lay claim to the throne if his House is able to garner enough support from the other Houses of the Imperium.


Karotova Advantages 1 Rank of Wealth, Servitor, Advantage: Sorcerer for 5 Study Points, 1 Rank of Black Market Connections
Disadvantages Infamous: Atlantean Society, Territorial


The Karotova Family was founded by Lord Gregoroi Karotova in 1732 AD. The Karotova Family has always had its hands in the darker side of Russia, during the Soviet era the Karotovas made a point of controlling key members of the Politburo; the Central Committee that controlled the Communist Party. Because of their connections, the Karotovas were untouchable by the KGB and the GRU. With the fall of Soviet Communism, the Karotova Family quickly took control of the Russian underworld and became a major player in the Russia Mafia families. Most of the Karotova resources these days come from its connections to the Black Market and its sales of Russian-made military weapons. Only recently has the Karotova Family made inroads into the underworld of the United States; its primary base of operations is the New England area, with major hubs in New York City and Boston.


Ivanovich Advantages 1 Rank of Wealth, Renegade Spy, Spy Network: Human Society, Advantage: Sorcerer for 5 Study Points
Disadvantages Infamous: Atlantean Society, Rival: Karotova Family


The Ivanovich Family was founded by Mikel Ivanovich. This family makes its home in Saint Petersburg Russia. Originally the Ivanovich family was House Draconisí attempt to gain territory in imperial Russia during the age of Czar Nicholas. In 1900 Mikel was contacted by members of House Romulus and an agreement was struck that the Family Ivanovich would work as spies for the Renegade Houses in return for the ability to expand their operations into Renegade Houses territory. Since those days, the Ivanovich Family hasnít quite lived up to their end of the agreement, but the Renegade Houses need all of the allies that they can get, so they are not about to do anything to damage their relationship with the Ivanovich family.


Ravenhardt Advantages

1 Rank of Wealth, +1 to Intellect, Advantage: Sorcerer for 5 Study Points

Disadvantages Infamous: Atlantean Society


The Ravenhardt Family was founded by Eckhardt Ravenhardt in 1535 CE, making its home in the city of Achen Germany.  This family has always had peaceful relations with the non-Atlantean Sorcerers of the Old World, and because of these relations they have been able to make great advances in the Art of Sorcery. Because of their deep connections to the Sorcerers Covens of Europe, the Ravenhardt Family was intracle saving thousands of practicing Sorcerers from the fires of the Holy Inquisition by sending them to the New World. When the Ravenhardts sent members of their family to watch over the covens that they had saved during the burning times, because of their efforts to save of the lives of many of these Sorcerers and their families, the Ravenhardts were welcomed with open arms into the Sorcerers community of Samhain in the Mirror World. Since the founding of Samhain, the Ravenhardt Family has been one of its greatest protectors; and because of this the Heads of the Covens that make up the town of Samhain have been willing to do much to help this family, short of exposing themselves to the mundane world and the intrigues of the Atlanteans.


Solarus Advantages

1 Rank of Wealth, +1 to Intellect, Advantage: Sorcerer for 5 Study Points

Disadvantages Infamous: Atlantean Society, Anachronism


The Solarus Family was founded by Lord Augustus Solarus in 991 CE; at the time of its initial founding Lord Augustus was living in Constantinople in the Byzantine Empire.  Being that Constantinople at the time was also the capital city of the Second Atlantean Empire, after the fall of Rome; the Solarus Family was well placed in regards to making connections to all of the important figures of the time.  Lord Augustus was always on the cutting edge of research into new spells and rituals that could benefit his family and House Draconis at large. While Constantinople was the greatest empire of its time, the Solarus Family held great power and prestige within House Draconis and the Imperium at large. With the fall of Constantinople in the late 1400s, Lord Augustus moved his family to Paris in an attempt to follow the flow of power within the Imperium. When Empress Andrea DeLyones abdicated the Atlantean Throne to Priam of House Thalus, Lord Augustus decided it was time to move the Solarus Family to the New World. In the end, the Solarus Family settled in the city of Boston and has been living their ever since. Today the Solarus Family is seen as one of the pillars that help to uphold Atlantean tradition and the Imperium within the Americas.

Trevors Advantages 1 Rank of Wealth, 1 Rank of Higher Education, Advantage: Sorcerer for 5 Study Points
  Disadvantages Infamous: Atlantean Society


The Trevors Family was founded by Telceon Solarus in 1681 CE. This family originally came about when Telceon Solarus married Katherine Trevors; the last of a dying lines of House Lionnes Atlanteans. As part of the marriage agreement, Telceon would take on the Trevors name to insure the continance the family name. Since the founding of this Atlantean family; the number of members coming into this family has been relatively low. Some say this may be due in part to some failure on the part of the Atlantean blood from the original Trevors line.  Since its re-founding in 1681, the Trevors Family has always made a point to giving its members the finest educations possible, making sure that all family members have attended a University.  The Trevors Family made a great deal of its family fortune as profiteers feeding on the suffering of the French people during the reign of the French Monarchs. With the founding of the French Republic, the Trevors Family was forced to flee to the Americas to avoid the guilatine when all of the conspirators that backed the last French King met their end with their ruler. Since moving to the Americas, the Trevors Family has settled in the New England area. This family has always been well educated, but only a handful of each generation has chosen to take up the study of the secrets of Sorcery. Because of this fact, many young Atlantean men and women of this family have been the first choices to offer up in an attempt to create arranged marriages between members of House Draconis and the other Atlantean Houses in order to establish lasting alliances.


Trulaine Advantages 1 Rank of Wealth, 1 Rank of Mythos: Occult Skill, Advantage: Sorcerer for 5 Study Points, 1 Rank of Sway: Human Society
  Disadvantages Infamous: Atlantean Society, Enemy: Dragosee Family


The Trulaine Family was founded by Lord Samuel Trulaine in 1385 CE. This family originally settled in Orleans France in 1390; having been sent to France by Lord Draco himself to take over House Draconisí holdings in the French Kingdom because of the fall of the Bordelon Family due to their competence and the entire family being killed as heretics and demon worshippers by the Holy Inquisition. There are some that say that certain members of House Lionnes were responsible to leading the Inquisitors of the Holy Inquisition right to the doorstep of the Bordelon Family, but no one has ever been able to prove of disprove this rumor. The Trulaine Family has always been one to delve deeply into the darkness of the occult world; at times making pacts with demons and other supernatural entities in order to gain more information into their studies and more power to use against their rivals and enemies. This family has always had close ties to the Sorcerers Covens of Europe, but with the mass exodus of colonists to the Americas and the New World, many of the Trulaine took this opportunity to extend their sphere of influence and to remove themselves from the reach of the Holy Inquisitors that were still spreading carnage and death to the covens of the old world. Since their move to the Americas, the Trulaine Family has branches in both the New England and New Orleans areas.