Welcome to the Home Page of The Dying of the Light. The Dying of the Light is a Tabletop Playtest Company based in Cincinnati Ohio. We are constantly playtesting new rules and setting materials for the Dark Aeons: The Atlantean Chronicles diceless Role-Playing Game. As such we are looking for RPG players that are willing to come in an help playtest the new rules in an attempt to ensure a quality product when new game supplements make their way to the masses.

Dark Aeons: The Atlantean Chronicles is a Lovecraftian roleplaying game set in a world of dark secrets and ancient legacies. In this dark reflection of our own world, it is the descendants of the survivors of Lost Atlantis that rule from the shadows, and ancient immortals still roam the earth, walking in shadow and light. 

In this world, the creatures of the night roam the streets thirsting for the blood of the living; the dead return from the grave in the bodies of the hopeless in order to live out the lives that deathís cruel embrace denied them.   In this world, Sorcerers and Psychics are real; some trying to free from the world from the horrors of the Mirror World and the Abyss, while others are attempting to usher in a new dark age where humanity lives truly at the whims of demonic entities and the Old Ones.  

In this world, the powers of the Faithful give hope to a dark world, while the Mundanes  attempt to live out their lives struggling from day to day to survive in a world that seems  out to get them. 

The Actors take on the roles from the Normal person that walks down the city street, or the Psychic or Sorcerer, to the immortal Lilan in an attempt to create a living story that evolves as each new Actor steps onto the stage. The Atlantean Chronicles is set in the Modern Age, it is the actions of the Actors that create the drama of the story.
This is a story of the struggles of the True Blooded versus the Faux Blooded, and of their mortal descendents. Dark Aeons: The Atlantean Chronicles sets its sights on telling a good story through its players. This  Tabletop Playest Company game explores the human condition and defines it through the personal horror of hard choices and humanity lost.

Stardust Publications; through it's Center Stage Game System; uses its own unique resolution system to help the Players resolve the actions that they undertake.

The best example is when one drops a stone into a pool of still water, from the moment that stone hits the water it sends out ripples in all directions alerting everyone nearby that something new has entered the pool. The actions of each Actor has an effect on every Persona around them. Nothing stays the same after they have made their mark for good or for evil.

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Note: We are now Scheduling Dark Aeons games for every other Friday of each month, in order to allow Cast members to more easily work the games into their monthly work and free time schedules. The Events Schedule has already been updated to reflect this change in Scheduling.
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