1674: The town of Arkham is founded in Massachusetts.


1692, March: A witch hysteria engulfs Salem, Massachusetts. Many innocent citizens are accused of witchcraft and executed. An ancestor of Richard Upton Pickman is among those that are hung. The danger drives Joseph Curwen to move to Providence, Rhode Island.


1713: Joseph Curwen donates funds to help rebuild the Great Bridge in Providence.
1738: The "famous wit" Dr. Checkley calls on Joseph Curwen at his home, and leaves in a very disturbed state.
1750: Arkham becomes a thriving seaport. One of the more influential sea captains, Jeremiah Orne, donates the books and funds that lead to the foundation of Miskatonic Liberal College.
1758: March and April Two regiments of Royal soldiers pass through Providence. While they are stopped there, a few of their troops disappear without a trace. Joseph Curwen is suspected to be involved.
1771, April 12th: A raid is initiated on Joseph Curwen's Pawtuxet farm. In the aftermath, Curwen is never seen again. Curwen's copy of the Necronomicon- unique in having the title "Qanoon-é-Islam" on its cover- is spirited away.
1772: A now widowed Eliza Curwen changes her last name, and that of her daughter, back to Tillinghast. She donates what remains of Joseph Curwen's books to the future Miskatonic University


1837 CE: Arkham became incorporated as a city


1860-1865 CE: The American Civil War if fought between the United States and the Confederate States of America.
1870 CE: Dr. Nicholas Bishop, a member of House Ramius settles in Arkham. By March of 1870, Dr. Bishop is appointed First Citizen of Arkham.


1870-1874 CE: Atlanteans from up and down the east coast begin settling in the Arkham area. By the end of 1874, the two dominant Houses in the Arkham area are House Ramius and House Lionnes.


1875-1877 CE: House Ramius led by Nicholas Bishop and House Lionnes led by Margaret D’Aquitaine, feud over the right to rule of the dominion of Arkham. This feud ends in a stalemate. Bishop and House Ramius are left in power and House Lionnes pulls itself out of Arkham politics until 1896.


1880: Herbert West is born. ("Herbert West- Reanimator," Lovecraft)
1881: Adrian Macalister married Savannah Lawrence; their first children were born in 1883.
1885: Savannah Lawrence-Macalister and their twin sons; David & Connor moved to Arkham MA while the Macalister Mansion was still under construction. Adrian Macalister was away on one of his expeditions into South America until fall of 1886.
1886: Adrian Macalister returned from Mexico with a treasure trove of artifacts from his various dig sites.
1886, December: The Macalister Mansion was completed and the Macalisters moved into their new home.
1887:  The Hedgerow maze on the Macalister estate was finally completed by the gardening staff.
1887 CE: The Arkham Gentleman’s Club is founded in Arkham MA by renowned archaeologists Adrian Macalister, Chester Macalister and William Tyler-Hutchenson
1888 CE: The Arkham Gentleman’s Club funds Miskatonic University’s expedition to Central America to study the various known Aztec Pyramids.
1890, August 20th, CE:  Howard Phillips Lovecraft is born. (Factual)
1895 CE: The renowned explorer/antiquarian, Adrian Macalister makes public his recovery of a copy of the tome "The Book of Dorrathe." At this point, he hides it away in the highly secretive and widely speculated, Macalister Collection. After six months of negotiating, Mr. Macalister authorizes the Head Librarian of Miskatonic University to study and catalog the contents of the Macalister Collection.
1896 CE: House Lionnes under Margaret D’Aquitaine resurfaces and pushes its way back into the politics of the Arkham dominion. This time, for reasons that no one to this day understands, Nicholas Bishop allows Margaret in as his Consul. Some speculate that Bishop did it in an attempt to keep a more watchful eye on House Lionnes and its charismatic leader.
1899 CE: The Arkham Gentleman’s Club has grown so large that its governing members decide to disband it and reform it under the name of the Arkham Foundation. Its membership open to all those in academia and professions dealing with Archaeology and the Paranormal.
1900 CE: House Draconis under the leadership of Marcus Dragosini enters the Arkham area.
1900 to 1936 CE: The Houses of the Second Atlantean Empire wage a shadow war against the Revenants and Thralls of the House of Montigue in the Boston area. Because of the sheer amount of sway that the Atlanteans had within human society, the Revenants were forced to take their activities underground and from 1936 until 1977, the Revenants and Thralls of the House of Montigue disappeared from public view in Boston.
1905 CE: Nicholas Bishop; under pressure from House Ramius and House Lionnes officially allows the formation of Arkham’s first Council of Patriarchs, speaking for House Ramius; Nelson, for House Lionnes; Lisandra, and for House Draconis; Marcus.
1905-1921 CE: Arkham knows a time of peace unlike most Atlantean cities on the East Coast of the United States. The Houses seem to have made a lasting peace and all parties have been able to go about their own respective businesses without the interference of each other.
1906 CE: Dr. Henry Armitage takes charge of the University Library of Miskatonic University. Shortly thereafter, Dr. Armitage contacts Mr. Macalister with a request to re-catalog the contents of the Macalister Collection. Mr. Macalister promptly refuses Dr. Armitage’s request and disappears on another of his expeditions into South America.
1918 CE: Charles Dexter Ward learns that he is descended from Joseph Curwen.
1922 CE: An Atlantean of House Draconis; Anders Ravenhardt kills a member of the House Lionnes; Theresa Ashmore. House Lionnes pushes for the Death of Anders and Nicholas Bishop calls upon the Praefectus Cohortes and the Cohortes Urbane to hunt down and bring Anders to meet the justice of Atlantean law.
1922-1926 CE: The Atlanteans of Arkham attempt to hunt down the rogue Ander Ravenhardts; members of House Draconis secretly aid Anders in eluding both House Ramius and House Lionnes for 4 years. In 1925, Anders kills two members of House Lionnes that find him. By late 1926, Anders has killed a total of 5 Atlanteans in his attempt to remain at large. In December of 1926, Marcus; Patriarch of House Draconis finally locates Anders and is forced to send Anders to his Death. If Marcus hadn’t, the dominant Houses in Arkham would have initiated a full scale war against House Draconis.
1926 CE: Adrian Macalister and William Tyler-Hutchenson face off over the destiny of the Arkham Foundation. It ends with Adrian leaving the Arkham Foundation to found the Macalister Foundation, dedicated to similar goals, but under different governing. This one act alienates Adrian Macalister from most of the Academic and Archaeological community for the years to come.


1926-1929 CE: House Lionnes’ population in Arkham to increases as a result of immigrants from Europe; No one knows why a lot of House Lionnes came to Arkham, but their population raised by at least 30%. With this rise in Atlantean population there is great concern about the possible discovery of their way of life due to future intra-House conflicts, most notably the Lilans. And their greatest fears were proven true; from 1927 to 1929, the number of unsolved murders in the Arkham area went up by 40%. It is believed that Lilans were primarily to blame to this rise in unsolved deaths.
1930 CE: The Atlantean feuds continue without signs of stopping, even the Arkham Police Department are beginning to suspect some sort of foul presence with the sudden increase of homicides mostly, occurring after midnight. A local curfew is engaged by Mayor William Trayton Jackson. The Council of Patriarchs begins sanctioning their own curfews in an attempt to get to the bottom of all of the unsolved deaths. Only the Praetectus Cohortes and the Cohortes Urbane are given sanction to roam the city streets after midnight, all in an attempt to find these killers that they believe to be connected to the Lilans living among them, or quite possibly Revenants.
1931 CE: A fire consumes the main Orne Library at Miskatonic University, destroying all of the upper levels, leaving only the basement levels intact.
1932 to 1935 CE: Nicholas Bishop donates funding to allow for the Miskatonic University main library to be rebuilt. In honor of his contribution to the university, the new library becomes known as the Bishop Library. The remains of the original Orne Library under the Bishop Library are modernized and become known as the Orne Library Collection.
1932 to 1940 CE: Peace has once again befallen the city of Arkham, just as mysteriously as they stared, the unsolved deaths in Arkham stopped. The Praetectus Cohortes and the Cohortes Urbane were never able to solve who was behind all of the deaths. Riots occur as people are struggling to survive during the Great Depression. Only the start of World War II finally begins bringing the struggling United States out of the Great Depression. The prestige of Miskatonic University begins to decline as larger more prestigious Universities across the United States begin to more attention and funding.
1947 CE: A Lilan by the name of Maxwell Hollund appears in the Arkham area; a member of House Ramius, he rapidly rises in power and by the end of the year and takes over as the Patriarch of House Ramius.
1948 CE: Stephen Dardanus of House Thalus and his family settle in Arkham.
1949 CE: Stephen Dardanus of House Thalus joins the Council of Patriarchs.
1969 CE: Nicholas  Bishop steps down as First Citizen of Arkham, citing unspecified reasons. Victor Trulaine of House Draconis is elevated to the position of First Citizen in Arkham. Some suspect that the former First Citizen was blackmailed out of his position by members of House Draconis.
1970 CE: Anastasia Tepes; a Lich of the House Dracul settles in Arkham.
1975 CE: A series of uncontrolled fires were set by an unknown arsonist that destroyed much of the downtown district and the north side of Arkham on the north banks of the Miskatonic River. As an unexpected result of this catastrophe, the destroyed sections of Arkham were bought by a group of private investors and rebuilt in to a modern and revitalized downtown city. With the revitalization of downtown Arkham, Mistakonic University begins again receiving funds to help bring the university up to current ivy league standards.
1970 to 1996 CE: House Draconis under the leadership of Victor Trulaine dominates the Atlantean political scene. Over the next 26 years, Trulaine turns what had been more or less friendly disagreements into full-blown feuds as the Houses of Arkham attempt to curry the favor of its First Citizen.
1977 CE: Marcus, the New England Head of the House of Montigue in Boston chooses to relinquish the reins of power to his sisters, Georgina and Katherine. Once the two sisters take control of the New England branch of the House of Montigue, they begin to once again become a power within the Boston and Arkham areas. With the thriving underground club scene, the Revenants of the House of Montigue are able to cloak their activities using the clubs. Under the leadership of Georgina and Katherine, the House of Montigue is able to rebuild the numbers that it lost during the previous 30 years of conflict with the Atlantean Houses of the Imperium.
1978 CE: In order to remove the chance of discovery of their kind in Boston proper, Georgina and Katherine relocate them selves and their Revenant children and Thralls to the city of Arkham in the northern suburbs of Boston.
1978 to 1991 CE: While in relative safety of Arkham, the Revenants of the House of Montigue are able to gain a foothold in the community which allowed the House to consolidate its power base in Arkham while expanding that power base once again into Boston.
1995 CE: The Atlanteans of Arkham discover that there are Revenants living in their quiet community. The First Citizen; Victor Trulaine declares all out war against the Revenants of the House of Montigue. Georgina and Katherine attempt to negotiate with Victor by sending a representative to his home to discuss a peaceful co-existence truce, much like that one that was agreed upon in New Orleans. Victor’s response is to send them a video tape of their Thrall representative being tortured to death by Victor himself.
1995 to 1999 CE: The Atlanteans under the leadership of Victor Trulaine set about to hunt down as many of the members of the House of Montigue as they can., in an attempt to deny the Atlanteans of House Draconis a target. Upon seeing the sheer level of brutality that the Atlantean First Citizen was capable of, Georgina and Katherine immediately retreat in hiding with their brother Marcus in Boston proper. The rest of the Revenants and Thralls of the House of Montigue go into hiding throughout the Boston and Arkham metro area. Eventually the Atlanteans under the leadership of Victor Trulaine became  too busy dealing with an uprising by the other Atlantean Houses of Arkham to worry them selves with continuing their extermination of the Revenants and Thralls of the House of Montigue.
1996, December CE: Maxwell Hollund, with the assistance of House Ramius and House Lionnes begin a war to remove Victor Trulaine from power. House Draconis immediately see this uprising as a threat to their power and the domain of Arkham becomes a war zone as House Draconis fights to keep Houses Ramius and Lionnes from taking the leadership of the dominion away from it.
1996 to 2000 CE: House Draconis continues fighting to retain control of Arkham against House Ramius and House Lionnes.
2001 CE: Maxwell Hollund, leading a handful of followers is able to corner Victor Trulaine in his home on Trulaine Blvd. Not willing to fight Victor Trulaine without an advantage, Maxwell orders his followers to set Trulaine’s home ablaze. The home burns to the ground and Victor Trulaine is never heard from again; many believe that Victor being the coward that he was allowed himself to be consumed by the flames rather than face justice by his peers. With the Death of Victor Trulaine, Maxwell Hollund assumes the mantle of First Citizen. Just in time to explain the situation to Centurions that had been sent by the Exarch of North America.
2001 to 2007 CE: Maxwell Hollund along with his followers among House Ramius and this allies among House Lionnes set about to force all of the remaining members of House Draconis out of Arkham. Those that will not leave willingly are hunted to their Deaths. Some were able to go into hiding.
2008 CE: Georgina and Katherine secretly begin re-establishing the House of Montigue in Arkham, both purchasing separate homes in the new subdivisions on the north side of Arkham.
2009 CE: House Draconis, through its pawns; Natasha Dragosee, Katrina Trulaine, and Ulyana Ravenscroft of House Lionnes (because of the arranged marriage of her parents; Olga Karotova and Edward Ravenscroft), begin reacquiring properties that it once owned by former House Draconis members in the city of Arkham.